Banned Book Dept. …


The book police are at it again.

This time a school board in Tennessee.

The book in question? Pulitzer Prize-Winning Graphic Novel MAUS.

NOTE: The Book was originally released in two volumes, the second volume is far more horrific than the first. There was a third volume released in 1996 that combines both volumes. This is most likely the book that has been banned.

Reason’s for the ban: Language, nudity, graphic violence. Is the nudity depicted as pornography? No, it’s horrendous but fantastical at the same time. How? MAUS is the memoir of cartoonist Art Spiegelman’s parent’s survival of the Holocaust. I read the first book when I was 16 in 1986 and the second in 1991 at 21. There are images that haunt me to this day at 51 years old.

It in no way sugarcoats the Holocaust, it is very balls to the wall in your face. The Jewish people are depicted as mice, the Nazis are cats, the Polish are pigs ECT. Funny how the school board chose to ban this incredible book one day before Holocaust Memorial Day.

Hum, do you know what other book is on the growing list of banned books? The Diary of Anne Frank.

Had Spiegelman drawn anyone as a human it would be an even harder read. By making the characters anthropomorphic he slightly lessens the visual impact of the story.

This is also a story about a strained relationship between father & son in regard to the worthiness of getting this story of survival out. It is by far one of the best graphic novels I have ever read.

I highly recommend it.

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16 thoughts on “Banned Book Dept. …

  1. The thing about banning books. When I was in high school long ago and far away, one of the school board members wanted to ban The Diary of Anne Frank. He said there was something about masturbation in it (…no…) and it was unsuitable for high school students. I’d read the book when I was in fourth grade or so. I went and re-read it to see if I’d missed anything.

    I haven’t read Maus and have never really wanted to. It’s just a little heavy for me. Personal taste. Given that WW2 and the Holocaust are quickly passing out of living memory, I think banning this book is the dead wrong thing to do. And the timing makes me wonder if I’m not hearing a little goosestepping going on. Just my humble opinion.

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