Strange Dreams Dept. #2…

I am at work pizza party on the second floor of a very large open space, like a warehouse (absolutely nothing like my job not a warehouse & only one floor) my manager Jimmy is opening gifts. He opens a very large box filled with baby booties. With a bunch of other people, we exit the room by backing downstairs leading to the first floor. I see other people coming out from another way. I walk over to a coworker named Ben and ask “I thought there was only one way out?” He replies “There was another exit behind the blackboard.”

Then my dream switched to me playing life-sized scrabble, ordering various hippies to move and sit on their tiles. The two words I played were augmented & lillies. (I blame my obsession with Wordle for that dream 😁)

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18 thoughts on “Strange Dreams Dept. #2…

      1. Yeah okay paying my blog salary 🙄 That’s a lot of stipulations 😆. Note every time I fo a post that ends with the word Dept. It usually means it’s a post that happens now and again.


  1. So glad you liked my comment on the ‘Dogs or Cats’ post Chel Owens wrote so I found your site! My dreams are also this odd, and I love how you are able to communicate the details so well. LOL… I’m also obsessed with Wordle. Looking forward to exploring your site. And I might even check out your podcast feature. 🙂

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