Strange Dreams Dept. #1…

{Yesterday before bed my wife and I first watched a season one episode of The Waltons in which a German Jewish family has fled Germany to start a new life on Waltons mountain. After that, we watched the slightly boring not scary at all, Woke revision of Candyman. }

When I awoke I remembered my dream. My wife and I were in a parking lot heading towards what appeared to be a Cello balancing on a folding chair. A former co-worker appears behind it and I surmise it must be Liz’s. Liz disappears as we approach and behind the Cello is a two-story open space with various people sitting at tables near red phones & signs that say Join The Communist Party.

Each table is littered with food and periodicals. I see both a lesbian couple and an older couple I became friends with from the last church we attended. My wife says she is not interested and steps away. I decide to go upstairs to engage in discussion with Moe, Colleen, Rick & Marcy. Rick asks why I am interested. I say “I am curious. I know nothing of the Communist Party but have had it shoved down my throat since the Reagan years.” All 4 friends look at me and say “Death to Capitalism.”

I saunter off and reconnect with my wife and we are standing in a carnival setting and sharing a bag of blue cotton candy.

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9 thoughts on “Strange Dreams Dept. #1…

  1. 👌👌👌✒ I haven’t had cotton candy in years. I experienced communism and capitalism. The difference is in the number of chances to succeed if one can do something…


  2. I wish I could remember my dreams in detail. I tried keeping a notebook by the bed to record everything I could remember as soon as I awoke, but didn’t stick with it.

    We were just reminiscing about The Waltons TV show. When it came on Sunday evenings, it was a somber reminder that the weekend was over and school (and bullying) was the next day. I would feel physically ill with dread.


    1. Oh my. That’s a crappy memory. I recently bought the complete series. I have always loved that show, always felt a deep connection to the father on that show. Definitely share his views on religion. As for my dreams, I still can vividly recall dreams I’ve had as a kid.


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