🙄 Dept…

So I keep seeing this meme float around primarily from Antivaxers who most likely follow our previous President. What I don’t understand is that if you post a meme like this but aim it at our current administration, this shit virus showed up on the other guys’ watch. I’m unaffiliated politically…there is corruption all around on both main parties/smaller parties have yet to ever break ground. But I would surely never vote in another administration lead by someone who according to this meme brought back the plague.

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9 thoughts on “🙄 Dept…

  1. To believe anything blindly is foolish. Read different viewpoints and make up your mind. No one is above anything. However…I hate memes because they stereotype. But that’s just me

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      1. I think it’s totally fair. They’re still telling you to be vaccinated, and they’re mandating it. I’m not against vaccinations. But I don’t trust anyone in any government ever. The pentagon papers….all sides were involved with that

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      2. Yeah good point…which alludes to my point that corruption is all around. But I’m just saying the meme points a finger at the current administration for essentially being completely at fault. But honestly every four years someone gonna be hating on someone.


  2. I never blame an administration for, say, someone from another country funding an infiltration of a few airplanes that ended up flying into important buildings…. as another example.

    I do blame when an administration literally enacts a law that literally causes something -but even then, the blame is spread.

    We’re supposed to be a government by the people, yet love to blame the weather on the weatherman.


    1. The only people the government serves are themselves. Part of why I am unaffiliated is not so much for whoever is in the presidential position but all those self-serving twats that remain in office.I have a major problem with no term limits for everyone except the president.

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