The Terrible Poetry Contest, Class of ’20 Reunion: Oh what a holy night…

The theme of this contest is to write a song parody. A Christmas song no less and badly, funny as well. Never an easy task so I offer my entry. A mash-up of sorts of Oh Holy Night and Oh what a night.

The Acapella Version:


Oh Holy night

Late December back in 5 B.C.

Circular things in the sky are bright you see?

Oh Holy night

In the manger was born what’s his name?

Ya know the Spanish kid, no I don’t mean the goat…the kid

Hey-Suess yeah him, this Holy night

Why is it taking so long to see the light?

OH ho ho ho holy night

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

I think I sprained my knee-eeees

Oh right, on time

What a sweet baby, oh what a holy night

Oh? I said his name wrong!

Oh hear……Everyone shouting

Yout idiot, you tool!

You need to go back to biblical school

Oy Vey! What a night!

Published by M.

Artist from North Eastern Pennsylvania

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