Family Night at the Movies (a visual history of films I saw with my family from 1974-1985)…

Note I did see a lot of age appropriate films from aged 4 to 15, but my brother and I were subjected to a heck of a lot of films not made for kids. We affectionately reminisce and call those experiences “Family Night at the Movies”. This is a gallery of all the films I remember seeing. A couple I just saw with my brother, a few with my Grandmother.

These are all films we saw in the theater. First Run. I am not including anything we may have seen on Prism or Rented on VHS. How many of these films did you see in the theater ? And for that matter if you are a parent, we’re you like my parents ? Or did you go the babysitter route. All genres noted here: Musicals, Comedy, Action, Kids Films, Sports Films, Horror, Science fiction, Drama, Sex Comedies and Fantasy Adventure.

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52 thoughts on “Family Night at the Movies (a visual history of films I saw with my family from 1974-1985)…

      1. I saw RHPS and The Wall one afternoon when I was 11 for Presidents day with my brother. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I saw it again at Midnight with my brother and his girlfriend. I was an active watcher from 15-29, off and on since then and saw the theater version as well.


      2. Yeah I became friends with shadow cast when worked at a movie theater when I was 20, sometimes participated as a Transylvanian. I will say after seeing it at 11 i asked my parents to buy me the record. I took into to my 6th grade music class and my classmates thought I was nuts lol


      3. LOL!!!
        I was 18 the first time I saw it. Had to go 3 times before I could hear the dialog!
        A few years ago it was shown at the local cemetery and I yelled all my 1980s callbacks.

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      4. Whaaa? I don’t know that one!

        Somewhere I have a book version of the script, which I annotated with callbacks.

        I can’t keep a straight face when anyone says ‘transducer’ IRL.

        And I routinely say, in my head, “2, 4, 6, 8… Frank the wonderfuck is great!”


      5. So many different lines per region probably. Mine was near end when Frank Comes out of the pool with a spotlight on him, it looks like he has a cowlick in his shadow like Alfalfa from the little rascals


      6. Yay, I was right! I’ll have to watch for the shadow next time! His makeup was the source of our Liza Minelli line.

        At the Balboa Theater the audience sprayed chocolate syrup for some reason (I never figured it out). Because it had a balcony, some guy made “sliut” and “asshole” signs that he’d hold in front of the projector to cast on screen.


      7. Just like RHPS, the interactivity is what you need to go for! It’s not as good but it was new and fun. Sold out 6 screens when I saw it – because Tommy W would show up and do pre-show insane rambling. I became an instant fan. Thank gobs someone shared plastic spoons with me… ya need TONS of spoons!!

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      8. I forgot how brutal and dark the Wall is, my wife hated that film and made us walk out from a late night showing before it ended. We went with a mutual friend, I should’ve just gone with my friend lol


      9. Yep.
        When the original tour occurred my entire social circle went, without inviting me, and talked about it nonstop.

        I bought the concert video that includes Roger Waters visiting his father’s grave. It’s very good.


  1. Oh man, what a walk down memory lane with all these movies! I saw many of these as a teenager, then some more as an adult. I’d put “The Shining,” “Halloween,” and “The Thing” as way up on the list of movies that really scared me.

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  2. I went to my first movie theatre when I was 18 not too long ago 🤣🤣 wait, it’s about 18 years ago

    But I did watch many of these on VHS had an uncle worked in Sweden at a video club and every other month sent over a box of ex rentals.
    I might not have grown up in a small town without a movie theatre but my family definitely had quite the movie collection am sure made some friends who simply wanted to borrow movies 🤣🤣🤣


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  3. The first three you listed, I had not seen, so I figured I would not have seen very many. But for the rest of the list, I have indeed seen the vast majority of them. But I am sure I watched some on television years after they were released. I was generally guilty of taking my kids to movies they were a little young for. I remember being flattered when my sons would ask if I wanted to see a movie with them and later realized they were too young to go unaccompanied by an adult.

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  4. I’ve seen most of the movies here, but the vast majority on VHS. We had movie night at home, and my son, who is just a little younger than you, saw most of them with me and his dad. There were very few I didn’t allow him to see. Even from a young age he loved action and horror movies…like his mom. 🙂 When my son was a teenage, I rented the remake of “The Postman Always Rings Twice’’ not realizing it had a very steamy sex scene in it. When it started, I let it run, though I felt a wee bit uncomfortable.

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      1. I don’t think I did. But there are way more films for her age group now than when we were kids. My parents took me to bonnie and code when I think I was 5. And blazing saddles when I was many 8 or 9…


      2. There’s a lot of variables in this. I’m interested in how many were R rated. But also, though I took my daughter to age appropriate films, her living in a city brought up a whole slew of things she saw that’s not age appropriate


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