When you probably should consider a different career Department…

We got together with friends this past weekend. One of my buddy’s friends started telling this story about finishing grad school and getting an internship. She is getting her Master’s in Social Work and had an interview for an internship at a local organization that caters to disadvantaged youth. A noble profession. The problem is that this is a white woman that has black nephews & nieces and in a Walmart, she called them her little chocolate drops and that if they didn’t behave she would slap the black right off of them. She said multiple customers whipped out their phones to record the incident. Who talks like that? My nephew is half black but I would never say something as offensive as that. That rubbed me wrong, she thought it was hilarious. If this is normal speech for her, slip of the tongue is bound to happen on that internship. I say good luck to her.

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Matt Snyder has been making a dent in the creative community in North-Eastern Pennsylvania since 1988. He’s been involved in showcasing his art in Exhibits in area Galleries & Spaces as well as online. Currently, he is also producing a weekly podcast for Anchor. Fm called Short Story Saturday. © Matt Snyder and aprolificpotpourri.art 2019-2022. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Absolutely No Excerpts and links may be used without explicit consent from Matt Snyder.

18 thoughts on “When you probably should consider a different career Department…

  1. Wow, I guess she has good intentions but she needs to learn how to be polite. You know I have relatives who just enjoys scolding people almost like a mad woman. She has good intentions, but she just can’t stop talking and scolding.

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  2. Some people have a warped sense of humor. It’s okay to find some things funny that others don’t, but not in this case. Anything that demeans a person I don’t consider humor.
    Yes, she’ll probably have problems down the road.

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  3. Awful – yes. Surprising – no, sadly.
    Is it something that will be challenged during their internship – I really hope so.

    ‘Unintential’ racism is almost more pervasive (and potentially more harmful) than the overt stuff in my personal experience. 😔🖤

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  4. Good intentions or not there’s things we shouldn’t joke about or trivialise… And it’s especially worrying when someone can’t see the wrongness in an action.

    To them it might have been laughs but what it could do those kids..

    This just makes me mad 😠 and sad 😔

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