Food for Thought: Work Thanksgiving Lunch…

carrots, corn, green beans with almonds, sliced sweet potatoes , my biscuit, sausage stuffing, pineapple bread stuffing, dark meat turkey with gravy and the most bland mac and cheese ever.

18 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Work Thanksgiving Lunch…

      1. LOL… I’m guessing pizza and a variety of generic sweet pies.

        There’s a dept potluck on Wed but it’s privately organized and off site. I can’t afford the time off. But NBD… I don’t know the people well.

        I wonder what, if anything, they do for a company holiday party.

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      2. The company I used to work for before this joint bought our division always had offsite Christmas parties with dj and alcohol, now we’re owned by a Mormon from the beginning the owner lived in PA a few years and we actually did prayer before meals on the job, a lot of people had major problems with that.


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