Stripe-Anchor Update…

And the bullshit continues.

19 emails, 2 phone calls, 1 complaint to the BBB, and 6 days since I contacted Stripe support to update my phone number and was told it was fixed and yet it still isn’t fixed.

Anchor offers the following options in regards to separation from Stripe:

1. Disconnecting your Stripe Express account with Anchor for further access in another account. This means that your Stripe account will be removed from your Anchor profile, but will technically still exist.

2. Deleting your Stripe Express account with Anchor to delete your bank information from our system. This will completely remove your Stripe account from your Anchor profile, as well as from our internal system. Additionally, this is permanent, and not reversible.

I chose option #2, I might add, after 3 emails stating what I want to have done.

Their response to me:

Hi there again,

Thanks for responding and we appreciate your quick reply and for sharing this info. This is really helpful.

Based on your request, I have escalated your ticket to someone who can take a closer look at your situation. They will be in touch as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.


Anchor ⚓

This leads me to start thinking that Anchor is just as much full of shit as Stripe. If they do not remove my bank account information from their end, I will be forced to escalate this incident even higher than the BBB. I really don’t want to have to contact the FBI in regards to fraudulent behavior. But I will if need be.

I have really been enjoying recording the podcast and even yesterday recorded my special 50th 54-minute episode featuring five stories set for February 2022.

I guess I am only grateful I am not also utilizing monetization via WordPress/Stripe.

8 thoughts on “Stripe-Anchor Update…

  1. It literally feels like I am now on the same path of endless email bullshit from they informed me they need to cash out my balance first. As far as I am concerned they can keep the $5.31 I made and just delete my stripe account. If nothing changes by the end of work day I guess I will be forced to call my bank. 😤😡🤬


  2. I have to say I often regret that I was so gullible before, only to realize my mistake much too late. Yes, I wish AI can help develop a device to detect verbal garbage. However, I suspect such a device will never be developed.

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  3. Once tried to integrate it with my WordPress it was a bureaucratic nightmare … I stopped at the part they asked me to call support, especially after finding out Stripe doesn’t work in Zimbabwe…. On to the next.

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