Stripe.Com is far from credible…

Stripe has been in business for 12 years. In the last three years, they have had 570 complaints lodged against them with 270 in the last 12 months at the Better Business Bureau. I am complainant #271.

When I started my podcast at Anchor six months ago I was given an option to set up monetization via ad revenue accrued every time my podcast is played with a recorded ad. When I set up my account with Stripe which is the payment service for the accrued revenue, I gave a phone number for their two-step verification process. My phone number has since changed, so I contacted a support specialist to resolve this issue on October 27th. Seventeen emails and two phone calls later and still no resolution. I was told on the second phone call (which I might add they must call you as opposed to the opposite, which is funny because they will not answer if you call them, anyway) that my phone number was updated and it would a few hours to complete within their system, this was on Friday, October 29th.

I have never dealt with such an ass-backward company as this one. My issue is a phone number change. If I am unable to log in to my account I will never get payout access to my ad revenue. Apparently, that’s the least of any potential problems I could have with this company down the line as noted in multiple payout complaints at the BBB.

I am over halfway to the point reached to receive the first payout, honestly for what will be quite a paltry amount. I have filed with the BBB but I am at a point to just cut ties with Stripe via Anchor which is also an option. Below is my filed complaint.

Description of Complaint:
I am new to Stripe, I’ve had an account with them for about six months through ad revenue accrued on my podcast at Anchor. FM. Six months ago when I joined, I used a different phone number for the two-step verification process. Since that time my phone number has changed and I contacted a support specialist at Stripe to update the new number. This was apparently fixed on Friday, October 29th at 6 pm. The support specialist told me it would take a few hours, I didn’t expect a few hours to translate to over 48 hours, and still going. There have been multiple back and forth email responses without a true explanation as to what the hold-up is. Although after reading all the complaints filed on this company at BBB it now doesn’t surprise me that my issue is probably the least of any future problems. I would like an explanation as to why when I was told my problem was fixed it wasn’t actually fixed. This experience makes me feel that Stripe is far from credible.

Desired Settlement:
Finish the job

Stripe, Inc. (Consumer Beware)

510 Townsend Street,

San Francisco, CA 94103-4918(888) 963-8955


4 thoughts on “Stripe.Com is far from credible…

      1. Absolutely unnecessary, that’s why I blogged about it because WordPress also utilizes Stripe for Ad Revenue Payouts, I hope no one here has to jump through hoops to get paid. Because there are a hell of a lot of negative reviews in regards to getting paid.

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