Rant Dept: Halloween Weekend from Hell…

Okay, this is my last bit of bitching.

First I’ve been dealing with the run-around from Stripe.com, second, it was ungodly hot in our apartment and I was forced to use the AC in late October. Yesterday for dinner as a treat of healthy eating for the week I decided to order a Detroit Style Pizza and salads from a pizza place I had never ordered from.

It was not a great experience, so I decided to leave a Google Review:

11 hours ago

I had high hopes for this joint, but all around the service was less than stellar. The food was decent but not very impressive, I heard they did Detroit pizza and even saw a review of praise, so I had to try it. If anything it was decent Siccillian but I wouldn’t call it Detroit style. A style that should have cheese going to edge with a hint of burnt goodness and a layer of sauce plopped on top it had neither. The taste though was quite good, I will give them that and the side salads were hearty. I considered ordering online but for whatever reason that style of pizza, while on the menu, isn’t available to order using the online system. So I called for delivery, the guy who answered the phone had a hell of a time understanding me, that I decided it was best to just do a pick up instead. I was initially told 45 minutes for delivery or 30 minutes for pickup. Not a problem, either way, they were a five minutes drive away. I get there closer to the 45 and my order isn’t ready. I waited an additional 25 minutes more and was told they had to redo my order… seriously. It was pathetic. I became a first and last time customer the same day. Yeah, they apologized, and even offered a slight $3 cash refund, but come on.

The response from the owner:

And sorry I disagree how I reacted but there was no visible agitation on my part till a few minutes became 25 not 15 minutes as they stated in their reply. The reason I decided to pick up instead of using delivery, the guy on the phone could not understand my address on multiple tries. Not to mention I kept my composure the entire time, never raising my voice until I left their establishment.

Response from the owner an hour ago

Hey Matt thanks for stopping in and taking the time to write this review. We gave you the $3 delivery fee back because you picked it up. It’s amazing in this country we can only get people that can speak 2 languages to work with broken English and trying their best. The pizza did have burnt cheese to the edge and sauce was on it too just like a Detroit style should be. The only thing that was pathetic was your rudeness and impatience shaking for waiting 15 minutes while waiting for your food. 90% of restaurants are understaffed like us and trying their best. Thanks for stopping in though glad you liked the salads. Our Sicilian pizza is about 2 inches thicker then that Detroit pizza too btw.

4 thoughts on “Rant Dept: Halloween Weekend from Hell…

  1. Customer service really can make or break a good thing. I’m surprised of the rudeness I’ve encountered lately by certain establishments such as that. Even at a Home Depot or a Lowe’s, or EVEN A PETCO!!! I don’t know if it’s a post Covid thing, or people aren’t getting paid enough, or not used to the sudden flux of business…. But wow. People amaze.

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  2. Does every city has a pizza style? That’s very interesting. I love those with pineapples. Hawaii style. LOL. Yes, I had to turn on AC for two days in a row in late October. Can’t believe it


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