Only cowards ride SEPTA…

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Coward by definition is one without courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant circumstances.

On the other hand, all the people that rode a late night Philadelphia Septa train and stood by and watched a woman initially be sexually assaulted and then full on raped are also heartless and morally bankrupt. Not one single witness called 911 or offered any kind of push back to the assailant or assistance to the victim. No, instead they either sat by and watched or whipped out their phone and recorded the act. Not a one had an ounce of compassion. That, to me is quite sickening. It wouldn’t surprise me that whoever filmed it probably has already uploaded it to or some such site. A situation like this happened a few years back when an elderly woman was physically assaulted by a thug on a subway and again, people recorded the act and uploaded to YouTube or sold the footage to the news and offered absolutely no assistance to the victim. How do people live with themselves ?

I composed this song, as creepy as it sounds, but it’s dedicated to the victim. The cowards…I kind of hope there is divine justice facing them in some capacity.

12 thoughts on “Only cowards ride SEPTA…

  1. As eerie as this is, it’s a perfect music for the dark theme. Cowardice knows no bounds. Shame on those people who had the audacity to record it without having the balls to defend the woman.

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