Baby steps..

Back to the gym

Back to counting calories

Back to being accountable

Baby steps to a brighter day

10 thoughts on “Baby steps..

  1. How about this:

    If you stop counting calories and instead stop consuming white flour and white sugar, for one week, as an experiment, maybe you can train your body to stop craving junk.

    This means you can still enjoy carbs, just not any made with white flour or sugar.

    It took me 3 days. They were hard. I love white flour and sugar… 😳😀

    Focus on protein and veg. Some potato or sweet potato. Brown rice. Lots of veg, roasted, gives you leftovers. Chunky soups with protein.

    Good luck, Matt. You can do it.

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    1. Yeah, as Claudette mention cutting white flour and sugar for a week is also ideal, but really hard. Because sugar is also naturally in fruit and veg to an extent. What works best for me is a gym combo with staying away from junk food/ eating out and cooking unhealthy. Weight loss is challenging as well because my wife buys snacks for herself that are at times tempting,


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