The Sun WILL come out tomorrow…

I never saw the original run or any film versions of Annie but my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this Allentown Civic Theater production. It’s a shame I can’t get photos of the actual performance, but it was incredible. Local theater never dissapoints.

Just to show how weird I am…my wife and I got ice cream before the show at this family run parlor called The Udder Bar but I only took pictures of the men’s room 😜

21 thoughts on “The Sun WILL come out tomorrow…

  1. Awesome! I saw Annie on Broadway when I was a kid…guess who played Annie? Sarah Jessica Parker…and to think I remember being upset that I didn’t get to see the original Andrea McArdle

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      1. Although I will say I saw two off Broadway shows produced by My cousin Chip Deffaa. One was about George M Cohan, the other was an autobio about being gay. My cousin has also produced a few cds too

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