Podcast Plans…

I’m committed to doing 250 episodes of Short Story Saturday, concluding in 2025. If I never reach 1000 listens it will still be worth the ride. Lots of interesting stories in the future planned all genre’s all done by incredibly talented authors here at WordPress. If you’re an author that follows me these are all scheduled for the next 4 years: The Following are Multi Chapter Serials- Brothers Campfire (ends in 2025), Wilhelmina Winters (ends in 2024), Yeshiva Girl (ends in 2023), The Pup and the pianist (ends in 2024) & The Vampire, The Witch and The Werewolf (ends in 2025). And the following stand alones- The Movie, The Lift, Bones in the basement, Slut Diaries, What the fuck is this ?, Absurdis Extreme, Good Cops/Bad Cops, Brothers Keeper, Pink Eyed Girl, Herbal Medicine, Coram non Judice, Love’s Manifestation, Dave gets what he deserves, The Mama, They left me here to die, From the Pulpit of Pastor John, 100 Word Skittle, She never talked about our child, The Perfect Haunting, Night Life, How I Got here, The Turn, At your feet, The Hatchling, What is happening to her ? , Birds of a feather, Ted & Trudy, Tales from the Summer of 1988- The Accident, Her Peace, A Tale of Zambia’s Independence, Sex-Drugs and Dance Music, Golden Adrenaline, Circle, Thomasina Tull, Mortality Rates & Pigs.

23 thoughts on “Podcast Plans…

    1. Thanks Kindly, had I not committed to bringing to life The Brother’s Campfire Tale which is 256 chapters many of them quite short and rolled into one episode…I wouldn’t have to keep having all this fun until 2025…but that is my favorite story to read.


      1. Ahh. I guess they may reconsider come time. Still, looks like there’s enough to keep you busy without them potentially 👍
        Using your own stories would work too – or I could see about digging out some more bits of mine from long ago… 😉🖤

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      2. Over 30 Authors will have taken part, once it’s said and done. I don’t think I will continue past 2025, it’s a bit of work trying to find stories, I just happened to luck out with a couple of really long ones.

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