The Commitment Vortex…

When it rains it pours

Litteraly today, calling for flash floods

Feeling slightly under the weather but still went to work

Only to get a text from my wife that she needs me to come home because of a mental crisis

I’m grateful to God that she has hasn’t been an uncontrollable crying mess, she’s working through it.

We don’t have to take a ride to inpatient.

With September being suicide awareness month this post materialized today.

Our Kitty has been having accidents outside of his litter, my wife had cutting thoughts yesterday, and I feel blah…and we’re supposed to go on vacation next Friday.

God willing.

A little prayers all around would be nice.

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25 thoughts on “The Commitment Vortex…

    1. Yeah she was doing great, then took another fall..but has been dancing to Shaggy in the kitchen and broke through another set of dark clouds. I’m grateful I am on a mood stabilizer, because if I wasn’t this day would’ve a hella more challenging.

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