Life as we know it !!!…

A little ditty about ya know, life….life as we know it. 😉

8 thoughts on “Life as we know it !!!…

    1. I sampled dialogue from two movies Nic Cage at the end of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart saying ” i didn’t mean to call you fellas homosexuals…”and Edith Massey spitting a classic line “The world of heterosexuality is a sick and boring life from John Waters Female Trouble. The cop dialogue was from the music program I use called FL Studio Mobile, the high pitched fast snippet at the end was me saying something along the line of “it’s just so super”. I don’t man, I just like creating weird shit over music as it were lol

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      1. Wild at heart is a great film, and I’ve seen some of waters work. (pink flamingos comes to mind) haven’t seen Female Trouble.
        I looked FL. I was hoping for a free app to start. I’d love to try other mediums. And your crazy creations are motivating.

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      2. Yeah I’ve btried free in the past and free where you gotta pay for extra but each of those apps sucked in certain ways. I had a bootleg of FL when it was on disc years ago from a friend, but paying for the whole shebang I finally feel I am getting my money’s worth and it’s pretty easy to use.

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