And the final LAME craft er “art” to go from the De Contemporary…another glue stick, some letter stickers and this accordion like scrapbook that would’ve been better if the pages were blank and didn’t say happy birthday…$130 over 6 months down the drain…

3 thoughts on “Lastly…

  1. The subscription thing? So sorry!! Probably great goals but they underestimated funding.

    I found a monthly cat lady box that lots of people like. I think it’s overpriced. But the cool thing is that they sell individual items after the boxes go out. I shop that wsy.


    1. I think the thing about this subscription is that it needs to be marketed specifically to children or change to crafting to go. Crafting isn’t the same as art. It was supposed to pair with a particular exhibit each month, I personally think it should’ve been a smaller version of exactly what the exhibit was. One time I was sent Japanese snacks and food wasn’t an element to the exhibit. You’re probably right about being underfunded.


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