My evolution in Eyewear. My first two pair were Uber expensive for my paltry salary. What can I say, but I love European Styles. The Wire & the Gold frames are both Armani. The 3rd pair are my wife’s favorite by Salvatore Farragamo I have to update the lenses for those and donate the Armani. The diamond shape Bruno Chaussigano glasses unfortunately trigger my anxiety, so unless I get meds those will be donated as well. Not completely thrilled with the current Ray Bans. I miss the style of the straight across looks like a unibrow style frame.

36 thoughts on “Spectacles…

      1. You’re welcome, I have ordered from them the past 3 years. Plus for a nominal fee, you can order clip on sunglasses which fit the frame and you can’t tell they are.


  1. I like the last pair…it think it suits your face.
    I wore glasses for years (back before I had cataract surgery that corrected my far vision while getting rid of the cataracts), and it always took a while for a new pair to grow on me.

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    1. Yeah, I essentially took these photos to see what suits my face best. Circles and ovals definitely don’t. I still haven’t found what I want. I really wish the frame parallel to the eyebrows was thicker..not digging 2021 thin frames

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      1. I initially thought the diamond ones were perfect, but I think I will only wear those when I’m feeling flamboyant or attending LGBT events which isn’t often. Weirdly those glasses trigger my anxiety.

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    1. They bring unwanted attention if I am not actively seeking it. I’m not saying if you were wearing the glasses it would trigger my anxiety, only if I am. I wore them today to the LGBTQI church I went to and felt comfortable. But I don’t feel comfortable wearing them to work.

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  2. 3rd frame definitely frames your face nicely (pun not intended) also I think the last pair is similar to 3rd..
    The diamond ones have some what’s the word pizzazz (not sure if that’s how you spell that lol) but don’t seem like glasses one would wear all the time, they draw attention… Is that part of the anxiety trigger if I may ask?
    Am an introvert and much prefer to be in the background but hey sometimes you gotta bring it 🤣

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      1. Well I do hope you can find what you like. It’s a big purchase and we need to get it right. I’ve bought glasses in the past and hated them …. expensive experience!


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