Food for Thought: Ice Cream for the final time …

DARK CHOCOLATE FLUFFER NUTTER (Chocolate Ice Cream with dark chocolate shavings, chunks of peanut butter and marshmallow fluff mixed in, topped with rainbow sprinkles of course) from Claude’s Creamery in Downtown Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

29 thoughts on “Food for Thought: Ice Cream for the final time …

      1. Posting not eating I just wanted to highlight the three places I eat ice cream locally, if I get ice cream on vacation..maybe I’ll snap another photo…honestly even twice a month is too much, my wife and I really need to cut back.

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      2. Hmm… That’s a good thing though. 😕 Doctors say I need to start right now and cut sugar intake and chocolates as 3 of my 4 grandparents are diabetic. So, yeah, cutting back on some pleasure does your health good (but not your tongue 😩).
        Not that I listen to them on the chocolate part though 😅😜 I’m pretty sure you have more access to sugary stuff in the West than us here- drinking coke as water, corn syrup, etc.. 😜

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      1. I can eat any ice cream but lately I have been into coffee ice cream. I don’t drink coffee so I rationalize that the ice cream is just my daily cup of coffee.


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