A Marriage Dialogue (Blitz Style)…


Turn off the light

Turn on your mind

Mind if I have a poo

Mind if I ignore you

You are cute

You are as well

Well, I really need to take this poo !

Well, then you probably should !

Should I take a stool softener ?

Should you do what ??!

What I just said…

What?!, just go

Go to the bathroom ?

Go, yes, now ! Please !

Please, come out

Please don’t talk

Talk to me

Talk to you ?

You help me

You are too much, honey

Honey…I had a poo !

Honey, what else is new ?

New toilet paper

New is better than used

Used your toothbrush

Used it how ?

How it should be used

How ?! It’s mine !


Mine ! Only !

Only when you need it !

Only when “I” need it ?

It cleaned the toilet well

“IT” can go in the garbage !

Garbage ? Take it out please

Garbage is now your job

Job is work

Job is money

Money I lack

Money “You” spend

Spend time with me

Spend it well

Well, I was kidding

Well, I figured

Figured you’d know

Figured I should

Should understand me

Should understand you



*Written in honor of it being bad poetry day

Published by M.


18 thoughts on “A Marriage Dialogue (Blitz Style)…

    1. That wasn’t based in truth, practically none of it was..the only true part is my wife likes to sing or tell me she had a poo and my response is what else is new, and the stool softener bit she once gleefully got as a Christmas gift from her Mom..yeah TMI but this style of poetry put my down a quite humorous path


      1. No sorry I got that, it was just my English sense of humour. It was a good conversation. I call that type of conversation a circular one.
        In our house that type of conversation leads to confusion.


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