My Favorite Pink Floyd song is a deep cut but…

Here is a list of my favorite songs per album in descending order with my favorite song noted as a video.

THE ENDLESS RIVER- sadly not a one…I just couldn’t get into this throw away album noted as the very last, and I am huge fan of keyboardist Richard Wright. But, this album is BORING.



THE FINAL CUT- Another God Awful album, the only song I like is: When the tigers broke free

THE WALL- Hard to choose just one so the following two: Goodbye Blue Sky, The Trial


WISH YOU WERE HERE- Have a Cigar, Shine on you crazy diamond 1-9

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON- Hard to choose just one so the following two: Breathe in the air, Us and them

OBSCURED BY CLOUDS- Obscured by clouds, Mudmen

MEDDLE- One of these days

ATOM HEART MOTHER- Summer of ’68

MORE- The Nile Song, Cymbaline

UMMAGUMMA- Careful with that axe Eugene (live), Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict, Sysyphus parts 1 & 2

A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS- A saucerful of secrets, see saw


and my all time favorite song came off of the soundtrack to the film “More”

just such a beautiful song..

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17 thoughts on “My Favorite Pink Floyd song is a deep cut but…

  1. Here in Italy Pink Floyd are very famous and the most listened songs are ” The wall” and “wish you were here”. Also there are so many cover bands that play Pink Floyd’s songs and are followed by many people. Pink Floyd came to Venice in 1989 and it has been a wonderful concert. I don’ t know if you have never seen it. This is it:


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      2. Oh, I don’t understand what happens. My old blog, itesoridiamleta, is deleted. Theprodigyofideas is my new blog. I can’t see my old blog anymore. Do you?


      3. I thank you so much for having said to me that. But I don’t know why my dead blog is attached to my avatar. I’m not an ibformatic girl and I manage everything by myself, without the supporto of anyone. So I think there must be an error but I’m not able to resolve this problem. 😔


  2. That’s a great song, thank you for sharing.

    I waited in a long line outside a record store in the summer of 1987 to get tickets to a Pink Floyd concert too. I never ended up going because I had to work a shift at Mc Donald’s, so I sold my ticket to a friend of mine. Sigh.

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