the corn cob contest (a Rime Couee style poem)…

Yeah, back in 2009 I actually won a spicy corn cob eating contest at a local arts fair. It was the second and final time of my competitive eating days (prior in 2005 I tried a hot dog with bun and ate 2.5 in five minutes, the winner ate 35!)

I over ate and stuffed my face.
Said the man who came in first place.
Twelves cobs of corn inside.
Managed to keep it down.
The others had faces of frowns.
Later, in for a bumpy ride!

Published by M.

Artist from North Eastern Pennsylvania

14 thoughts on “the corn cob contest (a Rime Couee style poem)…

    1. beats me, I didn’t at the time..just had an appetite for corn I guess, plus I suppose there is less chewing in a corn contest..the hot dog one had thick crusty buns but they gave you water, I had to dunk the buns in that water..that was disgusting. The hot dogs were from a place called Yoccos (traditionally they are supposed to be with a meat sauce, onions and mustard on a steamed bun) had they been traditional as opposed to plain on a crazy thick crusty bun, I may have won that contest too.

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