Short Story Saturday: Not on a good track

A woman remembers an empowering moment from her past and the lessons it imparts.

Written By Lizi Rose Copyright 2021. The Original written version can be found here.

This episode is read by my wife Jessica Snyder with 2 parts read by myself.

11 thoughts on “Short Story Saturday: Not on a good track

  1. A great choice. I remember in the early 1990’s watching an eighth grade soccer game where the rural team had the minimum amount of players including two girls in an otherwise all male league. The all male team was winning and one of their players on the sideline was loudly laughing about one the girls beating his teammate down the sideline. At least he got some immediate negative feedback from adults.

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    1. I will pass that along to her (we did 3 takes, she didn’t feel confident in wife does an incredible muppet like voice, I will probably write something for her to utilize it)


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