my least favorite word…

For me it would be
copacectic a word that
is far from poetic
Said too many times
to make it’s speaker look
smart, whereas to me
their overuse makes
them look like an ignorant
old fart

Dedicated to a coworker whose initials, believe it or not, are TLC, that for which she is not. She will forever be remembered as that one person who drove my wife to a suicide attempt. That day things were far from copacetic.

25 thoughts on “my least favorite word…

    1. They have healed long ago. My wife has a new job as a caregiver and is actually in better states of mind these days than me (and she’s bipolar) I still work with TLC, but I don’t hate her or anything, we actually get along these days.

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      1. No worries! I don’t have my waking email on my phone and if I’m out I don’t check my blog usually because I don’t like to eat up data….actually my family yells at me if we are out and I check my blog and use data….😆

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