It’s quite comfy…

5 thoughts on “It’s quite comfy…

    1. Yeah, when they aren’t being jerks lol. I won’t be drawing as many different cats in 2022. Taking a long needed break from that species. My cat on the other hand rules our household, I am grateful we only have 1.

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      1. Wow, cats have such personalities. I just love them. The one I had was a very independent one. LOL. He loved Wegman’s turkey breast as snacks. If I ran out, he gave me such glances of bitterness that I could roll on the floor laughing.


      2. Well our 8 yr old cat loves waking us up at 11pm, 2 am 4 am ect…My wife and I both don’t get up super early but we both rarely get a great night’s sleep thanks to our 😻 Nigel

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