Being Accountable (Back on the road to wellness)…

I have worked out in some fashion for the last 26 years, when the Pandemic happened and there were multiple restrictions at the gym I was going to, I quit. I now realize that my major weight loss was probably connected to getting Covid. November rolled around and I started not caring about myself physically and ate the pounds lost back on to my body. I did try home resistance band work outs, work out apps and punching the bag (this is better as a stress reliever from a terrible day at work). But I really missed the variety of the gym, and because it’s a gym related to a hospital there are more older people and people that seem to be serious about working out over socializing.

So July 10 2021 I start fresh. Here is to healthier days.

11 thoughts on “Being Accountable (Back on the road to wellness)…

      1. I’m looking forward to your posts!

        I’ve had 2 gastric surgeries but keep returning to 265lbs. So i’m thrilled to be at 243… roughly 10 more lbs to lose to qual for knee replacement, at which time I hope to be able to MOVE again!

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    1. trust me it’s been an ongoing battle my entire life. Losing is easy, maintaining is the challenge. I could go the surgery route (but people have regained weight post surgery, my brother in-law as for instance) somehow I need to achieve that balance and know that the fat shouldn’t be my security shell.

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      1. Yes, most definitely maintaining is the hard part. A few times in my life, I deliberately lost weight, then ended op gaining it back—plus a little more. Seems like our bodies get used to a certain weight, and is always wanting to go there. It’s a never-ending battle.


  1. All the best…
    By the by do you have a trainer or you just try what works and find a routine that is suitable?

    Adding a bit of accountability helps in the battle to maintain, rooting for the proud smiling guy, hope you keep us posted so we can cheer you on.


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