Tomorrow is just another day…

people say we celebrate our freedom

our Independence

New Found Americans (English Ex Pats) started the Revolutionary war

An uprising against English Rule

Slavery wasn’t abolished for another 89 years after July 4, 1776

And today for whatever reason, freedom and independence is sadly not felt by all AMERICANS from the States

I say from the states because America also consists of Central and South, true Americans know this. The ignorant mass will say otherwise. Not to mention, the true North American continues to be segregated to this day to the point of near extinction.

So exactly what freedom and Independence are we celebrating ? The Rich Rule over the Poor, The White over every other shade that isn’t white (which is funny in color terms, because white is the absence of color, it’s technically not a color).

American English Only ? Why ? Isn’t North America supposed to be the great melting pot rich with many nations, cultures and religions yet to this day there continues to be a Tsunami of HATRED !

As a kid the 4th was always that day in the Summer when I got to see and hear the awesome light show in the sky.
As an adult that tradition continued and of course, even better, it was another day off from the job.

But now after some re-education and reflection, the 4th is just another over hyped day off for parties, picnics, drinking and fireworks.

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