Blue Turtle: April Showers. ..

It took me 6 years to get this sketch book digitized. It’s my most personal Blue Turtle comic. It’s a depiction in time of my Mom’s battle and eventual loss to Cancer. The print version along with 6 other books and 1 tiny flip book animation can be found at The Brooklyn Arts Library.

Feel free to check out Blue Turtle: April Showers at

Published by M.

Artist from North Eastern Pennsylvania

16 thoughts on “Blue Turtle: April Showers. ..

  1. Deep stuff, Matt, that would be a difficult story to illustrate, but you did a great job. The rollercoaster of emotions, grief is the most difficult thing to overcome, any way we can express it helps a little.


  2. This was really beautiful to read. It was touching to be able to see into some of your experiences and how you put them down in an artistic perspective with your vivid, expressive writing and drawings. Great project, thank you very much for sharing.

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    1. I got six actual books to borrow at that library in Brooklyn or you read them online. I also made a mini flip book of a guy blowing himself up with a stick of dynamite I didn’t digitize that because it defeats the purpose. Definitely a cool concept, pre-covid they would do mobile book tours across the nation.

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