Food for Thought Bonus: More Zimbabwean BBQ…

bah, I’m good…

So I decided to give another try on the Zimbabwean restaurant The Braai Hut, near me. Well, this order was sadly worse than the first. I decided to try the incredibly dry pineapple chicken sandwich, the ridiculously bland (how is this possible ??) Mac & Cheese and the way way way too much mayo coleslaw (which was supposed to have grapes and apples in it and had absolutely none) 😕

30 thoughts on “Food for Thought Bonus: More Zimbabwean BBQ…

      1. yeah I rarely eat out myself, but food from any country I will most likely never visit is always enticing. If I’m not from that country or it’s not part of my heritage, the food I’ve tried making never comes out as good.

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      2. I know what you mean! I prefer my hummus with tahini and the ratio of olive oil although it never tastes like the commercial hummus. Got cha!


      3. no never does, it tastes better than commercial grocery store versions. My grandmother was Syrian so I learned how to make my own kibbeh, tobouli, hummus, stuffed grape leaves and baklava.

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  1. I typed too quickly and my thoughts raced ahead like whole grapes dangling down my homemade chicken salad. I should have said, “I prefer eating in after preparing my style of food. ” I took the shortcut.

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  2. Not even sure what is in that plate … Traditionally we don’t do salads except for a hint of coleslaw and yeah that’s about it, was wondering how one can make a bland mac and cheese but well there you go…. I love Mac and cheese but wouldnt call it a Zimbabwean food actually nothing on that plate would identify as typical Zim menu
    Well I guess they trying to Americanize their menu while hoping throwing African cuisine in it will make up for the lack


    1. Pretty pathetic if ya ask me, I know the mac and cheese had zero flavor, never had mac and cheese that bad ! They should’ve gambled on being more traditional. A lot of diverse restaurants in the area don’t Americanize.

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