Artistic Pride…

So, after meeting the poet who uses the nom de plum “Little Charmer” here on WordPress, I fell in love with her writing style. I’ve used the words of Charmer for songs, my blue turtle comic and most recently read one of her short stories for my podcast. Our online collaboration is blossoming into a beautiful international friendship. I don’t sell my art often and in this case still haven’t. She loved one of the drawings “The Last Drink” I did from my recent Noir series so I sent her an actual size print of said drawing. I’m proud to say that my art now Grace’s the wall of a flat in Northern Scotland. ๐Ÿ˜

Thank you kindly my dear for loving my work and accepting it as a gift.
I look forward to whatever it is you sent me in return.


Published by M.

Artist from North Eastern Pennsylvania

10 thoughts on “Artistic Pride…

    1. Absolutely, she’s modest in that she doesn’t feel like our collaborations are equal but I love trading art or asking for a sample from other artists. I still haven’t gotten her gift in return but I said anything from Scotland is cool, even the most mundane thing.


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