Unscheduled Mounds (under construction)…


that’s me

wallowing in misery

our flat in disarray

temptations calling my name, unmotivated

those mounds are your security blanket

those mounds push me to the grave

why do I have such a hard time ?

Constantly under construction, my foundation is crumpling under foot

I did it many times before, WILL DO IT AGAIN

11 thoughts on “Unscheduled Mounds (under construction)…

    1. Yeah I know, I get that. My wife as well. But it’s a major bummer to have fallen so far down the damn hole after a year of such a triumph. I lost a shit load of weight when Pennsylvania was in lockdown last year and then regained it all when my unfortunate seasonal depression around Thanksgiving hit me hard. Been real hard lately to make a turn around. I used to post a lot more about my weightloss journey on my blog but deleted all those posts but sometimes I just need to get my frustrations out. Thanks for being a comrade Kathy, it means a great deal.

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      1. My sister has lost 60 pounds over the last 9 months or so. She has been overweight for decades and at only 5’2″, it made things even harder for her. I think she was not sure she could do it, but it has been a matter of a little at a time that has now really added up. I have also lost a lot of weight back in my life (about 15 years ago) So I know the daily struggle from a lot of angles. Keep the faith, you will get there.


      2. For years I leveled out at 325-30, when Pa had their lock down and I had Covid ast year I managed to get down to 298. I thought I finally broke through. By November and winter depression in full force whatever losses dissapeared. It hasn’t helped that the gym I went to closed then opened then closed then opened thru 2020 than put in stipulations of no water fountain or access to changing rooms…which then made it impossible to work out. So I started resistance training at home but it hasn’t been the same and now our apartment is smaller because the dining room floor is sagging and needs repairs making it even harder to work out. At least if my diet sucked working out balanced it. Now, it is just a very very harder than usual uphill battle. But I am determined to turn things around. I never truly throw in the towel.


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