Ha ! I made a dollar…

I might be on a long road to becoming a millionaire by podcasting but I officially crossed the line from cents to dollars…Here’s to 14 more $’s which equals 1000 listens…Sometimes ya gotta start small. I’m actually thrilled I made a dollar. If you haven’t given a listen yet, give a listen. Help a starving artist make his first $15 😉🙏🙄😁

Also, if you write fiction..I am looking to read your work. Hit me up at mattsnyder1970@gmail.com

this is the latest episode, but do me a big favor and give a listen to all of the episodes, they’re all widely different and can be found here

13 thoughts on “Ha ! I made a dollar…

    1. Yeah, if you place ads on your shows you have the potential to make money, that anchor ad before each episode I recorded for anchor and add to every episode, every listen is a penny. You can make $15 per 1000 listens, of course anchor takes a %

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  1. Curious how long it take to get a to the first dollar (not that am calculating a projection on how long it takes to get really really rich from a podcast of course) 🤣
    Haven’t listened to your podcast yet . Let me pull a few more teeth and decide if I want you to read this short something from my archives which just screams read me 🤣


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