old photos found…

16 thoughts on “old photos found…

    1. Physically I’m always changing. My weight has been a constant yo-yo but i was a hell of a lot fatter in these photos than today. Yeah at 51 my hair has gotten thinner and slightly grayer and I’m a bit more even keeled emotionally these days.

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    1. The older I get I come to realize how much I really didn’t care for them. The only albums I can listen to from beginning to end are KISS, Hotter than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Rock & Roll Over, Kiss Alive II, The Elder & Carnival of Souls..everything else pretty much sucks.

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      1. I was introduced two ways to the band in Kindergarten we had a talent show one of my classmates imitated Ace, then another friend brought over the 45 for Rock and Roll All Night, then when I turned 8 my neighbor gave me his Kiss Alive II record, because he wanted Alive! But his parents bought him the wrong record.


    1. Gene is holding a demon lizard Sculpture i made for him. Tommy was quiet, Paul was polite but aloof, Gene was an asshole which was a shame because he was my favorite as a kid, peter was sweet and the only guy that actually seemed to want talk to me and it listen to me. Just a bummer Ace left the tour when I met the band.

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      1. yeah really although after reading Gene, Ace, Paul & Peter’s Memoirs it seems he was well hated by the other three and treated people like crap in his own book. Not surprising in the least he would call his 2004 solo album Asshole, the man lived up to it.

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  1. to give an example of being an asshole, I mentioned that my mom liked some kiss songs and he made a crass joke that any woman that likes KISS is fuckable (I don’t care that you blast about fucking over 5000 women)…I mean first off you’re talking about my Mom, who says shit like that ? Secondly my Mom had recently passed the year prior, so I was still bummed but happy to have the opportunity to meet my childhood band and then have “that” said to me.


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