Two Sides of The Mirror…

So, thanks to my blogging buddy Claudia McGill for introducing me to The Delaware Contemporary and their ART To Go Subscription service. I decided to go all out and do a 6 month subscription. They send art supplies in a Chinese style take out box and pair it with a current exhibit. This Month it’s Appearances, a group exhibition collaboration with Lauren E. Peters. 5 Artists gave their interpretation of Peters Self Portrait (orange) 2016.

Included in the kit was a mini compact, a green wig, some stickers and acrylic markers to decorate the compact if you so chose and some fake pink mustaches. I decided to take two photos with and without an altered appearance. It’s actually a very cool exercise in creativity. I’ll be honest, whenever I visit museums I like to visit the kids participation room and join in.

Below is from the Exhibit, followed by my creations. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Two Sides of The Mirror…

  1. Omg. You are transformed! I have not opened this box yet though I’ve received it. Planning on Friday. I saw the actual exhibit at the museum. I enjoyed it, how many takes there were on the original. Now you’re the latest to join the exhibit! Fantastic!

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      1. Yes. I was thinking that actually (really). Hmmm. Well, I’ll post my results and you’ll see what happened here. You know what, these little packages really can get hold of you. After I received the first one with the airplane model, I bought a whole set of the same thing, only construction equipment, they are inexpensive enough, and I have done three, with three more to go. Inspiration strikes from odd places…

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      2. I’ve multiple styles of self portraits but I never thought to photograph a very tiny reflection of myself. It was challenging and a nice change of pace from what I’ve been doing.


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