Spoken Word Wednesday: Blackface isn’t just part of American History…

Some things I just had to get off my chest, oh and yeah…I did put a few pounds back on. Sigh. It’s an ongoing battle I have yet to conquer.

Rant Wednesday LOL

8 thoughts on “Spoken Word Wednesday: Blackface isn’t just part of American History…

  1. Did you say, “shit history”? I like it. lol

    I do think you and we all should discuss this with people who don’t look like us (race, ethnicity, gender) to see what other people think. For example, it’d be really easy for me to kind of dismiss the claims of someone who didn’t look like or experience life like me. It’s harder, I think, to stop and wonder (as you did) how someone else may see someone sitting in front of a Confederate flag singing a song for the country to see, as racist. I mean, the history of the flag includes the Klan coopting it during the murders of Black people…so it could be offensive to someone, right?

    On a separate note, I’ve studied media literacy education, so I can understand how Pepe le Pew may be perpetuating rape culture. I’m thinking about writing about this, the Muppets, Seuss, and maybe some Disney characters, if I feel inspired. Right now, I’m just tired.

    I hope I didn’t just leave a rant on your page. I really did like listening to what you had to say ❤

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    1. Always up for a dialogue Katherine 😁, I appreciate the weigh in. Yeah, see I’m white, grew up with a Dad that used racist slurs and even pulled out the proud to be Aryan card when he had a fight with my Mom who was half Syrian. I witnessed 2nd hand racism during 9-11 being a 1/4 Syrian..some people I knew an/or worked with at the time said that must make me a 1/4 Terrorist. I know right from wrong, there is a lot wrong in America.

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  2. I tend to agree with you on most topics. It is totally Orwells 1984 the way they are changing history, scary when you think about what else they are erasing/changing without telling us.


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