To voice or not ?…

Not completely sold on the podcast aspect for blogging via anchor.Fm but here’s a bit of nonsense double talk lol 🙄😁

24 thoughts on “To voice or not ?…

      1. I assumed it was your voice but I know tater used the “voice” for his first podcast. You do have a great voice for this type of medium though. I had so much trouble yesterday taping!!!


      2. Before studying animation I got a degree in Radio/Tv production. I’ve been told for years I have a great speaking voice, I miss slamming poetry live. I don’t think I want to do the podcast though…I’ll just post audio on my own now and again.

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    1. Eh, not interested in creating one, but I would have no problem guesting on someone else’s. I’ll just make the occasional audio spoken word post here in the future…too much of a commitment and time I dont have to devote to my art and a podcast.

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  1. Nonsense indeed.
    I haven’t jumped on the Anchor bandwagon as I am often skeptical about new gadgets. I’d prefer the text to voice option. I guess I will wait to hear more on this topic from other bloggers.


      1. Do they provide the conversion service or is that something you had to figure out on your own? That definitely sounds like an inconvenience/push for free marketing of Anchor.


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