FEBRUARY 1, 2021

The Northeast

Slammed with the white

steady blow

up nature’s nose

twice time off

once without pay

Mental rehabilitation

from the 5 day eight

Pen to pad

brush of color

it might be a white out

but not


8 thoughts on “WHITE OUT…

    1. ugh…Not me bro, especially not with being forced into cabin fever for a year. Not looking forward to shoveling out of this tomorrow. The good news is at least my job shut down with pay today. So the line without pay is now irrelevant.

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  1. First of all, I’m happy to hear that you are still getting paid even though you don’t get to work.
    Secondly, I was going to say how cool it is to get a snow day as an adult and get to stay in, but I see from your previous replies that you are not a fan.
    The blanket of snow can be so peaceful to look at from behind the glass. Thinking about shoveling it all… yikes! Good luck.


      1. it’s fucking hilarious….When you spend an hour trying to make headway shoveling out your car only to slip on ice and now be incapacitated while your younger wife shovels you both out…I am in a bad place all around. The only good news is my job is giving us two paid snow days.

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