Word Wednesday- Revelation 1:3…

January 6, 2021


but not unexpected

the fool



the incomer

damns the fool

says as a whole we are

and have been better

the truth is

we are not

these are our true colors

For over 400 years WE ARE ON REPEAT CYCLE

I want to be inspired

by the words of the incomer

but it’s just the same old, same old

the fool ? Well, he just continues to play the fool

and the minions ? If capable of this ?

no one is truly safe

the problem will never be eradicated


8 thoughts on “Word Wednesday- Revelation 1:3…

  1. I don’t despair. For me the best part for me was the minute the confirmation that Democrats won the 2 seats in Georgia, Biden announced Merrick to be attorney general, poetic justice. McConnell no longer is the speaker of the house. Any tie vote will be broken by VP Harris. I consider those people who stormed the state capital should be called what they are domestic terrorists. They had small children with them too.

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    1. I agree on your points that with everything that fell into place, the Democrats will be able to accomplish things. But I long for a government where there is compromise on both sides. Too much whining and I only care about myself on so many levels of government. I also find it sad that citizens were treated worse in the George Floyd Protests or going back some years the heinous Berkley incident than these domestic terrorists were. How pathetic they even managed to get in the Capitol.

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      1. They are mounting an investigation into what happened with capital security, but I don’t need one. I feel that police, fbi and HLS have been infiltrated into these branch’s. This new administration needs to deep clean the house.

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