Blue Turtle ComiX: NYE 2021

In collaboration with Susi Bocks. Susi was one of the first people on WordPress I really connected with, when I used to do her Haiku/Senyru Challenges. It was a pleasure to collaborate with her on this comic. You can find her here.

Also if ANYONE is interested in collaborating with me on this comic or anything else, hit me up at Coming up in 2021, Blue will be featured a 4 part romance featuring the poetry of Little Charmer who I most recently set her poetry to music, she can be found here.

7 thoughts on “Blue Turtle ComiX: NYE 2021

      1. Oh I didn’t mean you – I meant Blue Turtle’s back up plan in the comic! 😁

        I wish I could be as organised as you. I usually end up scheduling a lot of my posts the night before publishing! 😬😁🖤


      2. oh the way I see it…It’s a rough road for blue but I think he might have a future with this girl…Some of the poems you sent remind me of trying times when my wife was hospitalized for suicide attempts.

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  1. Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to trigger any past trauma – but perhaps there’s something theraputic (as well as creative) in there for us both my friend… me in the writing and you in the illustrating 🖤🖤


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