2020 The Lost Year ?…

Everything didn’t completely suck in 2020 but it was definitely far from great. In January I saw The film Parasite for a second time in the theater with a friend. A co-worker mentioned the wuhan virus and said he hoped it didn’t become a pandemic, my response was “A pandemic ? That’s never gonna happen.” In February for the first time in as long as I can remember regular employees as well as management were allowed to attend the ALA (American Library Association) conference in Philadelphia, I decided not to attend because of weather conditions. Looking back, I should’ve gone. I also was chosen by my blogger friend Pete Mosey to be Arts Editor on The Finest Example. This gig would last til July, I would step down because Covid essentially stalled the project.

My Dad’s widow also decided to finally have a memorial for my Dad with a tree planting ceremony in her back yard, it was too many months too late, I decided to cut ties with her and her family after this. My wife likes her Mother-in-law (Never a replacement for my Mom) and remains in touch.

In February my wife and I went to see the godawful remake of The Invisible Man in the theaters. It would be the second and final time I saw a movie in a normal fashion.

The Month of March was a loss in multiple ways, i was still being paid but on furlough and with the lock down in place I lost 40 lbs between March & April. Prior to the statewide lockdown I bought myself a carvel ice cream cake that said “Sucks to be 50”, who knew how prophetic that was to become.

Although, between the End of February & Beginning of April, I felt like shit. My wife is a home health care worker, in the first week of April she got tested and tested negative and encouraged me to get tested for Covid.

On April 7th, my 50th, I got the test results back that I had the coronavirus. Worst birthday ever, thankfully my symptoms weren’t life threatening, but I was weak and always out of breath from climbing the stairs and had a high fever for about a week. But I got through it (never feeling 100% yet though).

My wife and I had planned to visit the Edward Gorey Estate in Cape Cod Massachusetts over our wedding anniversary on May 4th but had to cancel that vacation.

In June we saw two crappy older horror films at the retro drive-in and were forced to watch 15 minutes of the 3rd because we were parked in. Had the car behind us never left we wouldn’t had been able to leave. Pieces from 1983 I recommend but The Prowler from 1981 sucked and so did Massacre at Central High from 1976. We also ventured back to the movie theater via social distancing protocols in place to see the long awaited New Mutants movie, not bad, entertaining.

I also took part in an online art auction and sold a painting of a cat and sold another cat painting to a co-worker.

We also ventured out and visited the first of two museums. Our Mainstay museum #1 The Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pa then later in the Summer, mainstay museum #2 The Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington, De. in August. Didn’t have a chance to hit #3 our local Allentown Art Museum.

I visited my old friend Scott after he separated from his wife then my wife’s brother and his girlfriend, at the time, came over for dinner and cards against humanity & We visited my wife’s parents and my brother and his family at various times.

In July we attended a 4th of July Celebration at The Arts Quest Center in South Bethlehem in our 6 foot circle in the grass with a live band prior to the lights in the sky.

The Month of September was quiet although we did celebrate some birthdays of my brother & mother-in-law.

In October, my wife and I ventured out to Bald Eagle State Park to celebrate ten years together as a couple. It was a beautiful getaway even in a social distancing kind of way. I also had no clue if I was still going to have a job, because the company was downsizing the Microfilm department having lost a multi million dollar contract with the Library of Congress to Digital. I reapplied for digital and was called back to the department after a three year hiatus working in Microfilm.

By November I had received sneakers I designed with cats from VANS and made a sale of another pair to a friend of mine. We celebrated Thanksgiving small this year with my wife’s immediate family as opposed to the usual extended family. Covid also put a kabosh on the annual cousin’s Christmas get together in Glen Rock New Jersey at my cousin Deb’s house, an event I always look forward to (All relatives on my Mom’s side).

December rolled around and my wife and I did the usual brunch for her family and gift giving with them on the 25th and my brother and his family on the 26th.

I also established further actual friendships with my fellow bloggers, a few of which once travel restrictions are lifted I will have a chance to meet in person and it will give me a chance to finally leave the US to see Pete & Claudette and not leave the US for Lisa & Chel.

Again, despite surviving the pandemic (personally) my 2020 didn’t completely suck.

Here’s to 2021.

Peace Ya’ll.


15 thoughts on “2020 The Lost Year ?…

  1. Nope, not the best year ever. We both turned 50 this year, but at least I didn’t get Covid for mine, that sucks. I wish you a happy, healthy 2021, may we resume some normalcy again!!


  2. I love how you summarized your whole year in paragraph for each month. Great idea. I always hesitate to write letter to people because I don’t want to share the sucky things, but this got me wondering what mine would look like. I love your writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

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