And the inner turmoil continues but won’t last forever (The Painting has sold)….

I’ve grown to dislike trying to market or sell my work; sales do happen now and again, but never to the point of making me become an artist full time. I’ve become content purely exhibiting. But taking part in something marketed strictly as a sale for a paltry sum of $40 with my work still there on day 2 with the bizarre thong painting keeping me company among others, is killing me inside.

I hope someone out there really likes Siamese cats and has a hankering to own my work, because it is by far the worst feeling to have to “pick up” what absolutely no one wanted.


I am an artist.

Just not a successful one.

Perhaps, that’s also why I take great pleasure in dipping my feet into all disciplines of the arts. perhaps if I specialized I’d be far more successful ?

Perhaps if I was a realist ?

I don’t know. I do truly appreciate all the likes and comments and follows, it is truly an amazing and enriching experience to have your work admired on an international level than it will ever be to have deep pocket$ on a national level.

Something in my head always manages to find the positive to latch onto, that’s a Godsend.

With ❤ Matt

And just like that Serenkitty sold, to a close friend who had issues with the seller. I feel much better trying to sell work on my own as opposed to thru a show.

Published by mattsnyder1970

Matt Snyder has been making a dent in the creative community in North Eastern Pennsylvania since 1988. He’s been involved in showcasing his art in Exhibits in area Galleries & Spaces as well as online. Mr. Snyder is a real renaissance man. He doesn’t just dabble in the fine arts but has been known to grace the following kinds of things with his presence: Live Sound Mixing, Radio Production, Television Production, Short Films(Acting/Editing/Writing/Directing), Animations, Costume Character Performance, Dance, Music, Djembe Drumming, Theater (Writing/Acting/Directing/Props Management/Stage Management), Self Published Comics & Zines, Written & Slammed Performance Poetry, Sculpting Animal Figurines, Designing Tee Shirts, Photography Film & Digital, Painting (Acrylics), Drawing (Pen & Ink, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Sharpies, Crayons), Mixed Media, Collage, Paper Art, The Brooklyn Art Library & The Sketchbook Project, Blue Turtle ComiX, Just an Average Day Comic, Toxic Shock & Other Abnormalities of the Inner Being Zine as well as the culinary arts. His passion is the arts, his life is as a married humanitarian bisexual politically unaffiliated pacifist working as a Digital Preservation Archivist since 1999. Matt currently resides in an apartment with his equally creative wife of 7 years ,Jess and their cat Nigel.

11 thoughts on “And the inner turmoil continues but won’t last forever (The Painting has sold)….

  1. I am feeling like you. I just put my first novel up for sale and so far I’ve sold two. I am realistic about now becoming rich or even well known, but it is nice to be appreciated after all of the work. I could ‘sell out’ and write trash if I wanted to make a living off of it. I don’t dislike my day job that much.
    Do you design notecards? I would buy a set of birthday cards from you (blank interior, no need for words, I’ve got those). I’m one of those who like to marry art with function, you see. Sorry about that.

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    1. No, i have never gone the greeting card route, I have an offline friend trying to make a go at that. Just gets so frustrating, been in the arts game for over 30 years and have yet to figure it out.

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  2. Keep doing what makes you happy, Matt! I, too, will probably never sell enough to make my life financially comfortable but the joy of producing what needs to surface is what keeps me going, and content. 🙂

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    1. I think what bothered me the most Susi is that this wasn’t an exhibit with the option to sell, strictly set up for a sale. As I told someone else, I will never stop creating any kind of art; visual, aural or written. I am more than content showcasing over selling.

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