The Life & Times of 20 Something Dana Myttis Hedrew (Burns)…

Sup Diary:

Dana here. This Summer I must say has been pretty cool. I decided to return to working at Dorney Park. Yeah, I know 23 and doing seasonal work. My Dad thinks I’m a bit of a loser but whatever. It’s at least something I studied the last few years at NCC.

Live performance sound mixing/management/stage set up for a 4 piece band and 6 singers. Yeah I get to hear the same shit pop “beach” music for 8 hours a day, but for the most part I love everyone I work with. Well, except for the one girl singer I had to fire (I was told to secretly video tape a show to catch her fucking around) managed to get footage of her giving an audience member the finger.

We have sets of weird people that come to ever show. One guy we dubbed AV Man is this creepy looking guy that video tapes every show. It’s the same set list every show, every day. Why would you record it ?

Another we dubbed the fat family. Well two of the teen girls are fat, two little kids and and older red neck white trash couple watch all of our shows. There are 4 kids, why don’t any of these kids want to ride the rides ? Anyways, one of the teen girls crushed on me giving me a dozen roses :/

All the performers and band members begrudgingly gave their autographs and posed for photo’s with these obsessives.

Aside from that, a few of us on our day off have decided to take a trip to the shore.

Yeah I took these photo’s Chunky Dana Ain’t showing himself for no one.
Karen Pontificates as the guys walk to the ocean, Chris, Rob & Chris (2) who was dating Karen bury Karen in the sand. A close up of Rob, I think the hot girl noticed I was taking her photo 🙂

I piled into a car with (singers) Dave & Karen, Chris(2) (guitarist) and Rob (Keyboardist). Chris (1) & Julie (singers) and Gary (Drummer) followed us. Brenden (The Bassist), Glen (which is a shame because I have a mad crush on him) & Jackie (Singers) skipped the trip.

I was the oldest on this trip and taxed with buying the booze once we got to Jersey. Chris (2) Booked a room that fit four comfortably and our eight not so comfortably.

There were lounge chairs on the balcony that Chris (2) & Karen Slept on. Rob Slept in the bath, I got stuck sleeping on the floor because of a poor decision on my part in regards to a lamp.

Dave’s shorts got wet and I foolishly hung them on a lamp to dry having no idea the damn lamp was hot enough to burn a hole in them. I really felt bad about that. Otherwise we had a great time together. I think I sometimes wish I was a performer and not the sound guy.

Still the Summer of 1993 and this trip have been quite memorable.

Till Again,


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Matt Snyder has been making a dent in the creative community in North Eastern Pennsylvania since 1988. He’s been involved in showcasing his art in Exhibits in area Galleries & Spaces as well as online. Mr. Snyder is a real renaissance man. He doesn’t just dabble in the fine arts but has been known to grace the following kinds of things with his presence: Live Sound Mixing, Radio Production, Television Production, Short Films(Acting/Editing/Writing/Directing), Animations, Costume Character Performance, Dance, Music, Djembe Drumming, Theater (Writing/Acting/Directing/Props Management/Stage Management), Self Published Comics & Zines, Written & Slammed Performance Poetry, Sculpting Animal Figurines, Designing Tee Shirts, Photography Film & Digital, Painting (Acrylics), Drawing (Pen & Ink, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Sharpies, Crayons), Mixed Media, Collage, Paper Art, The Brooklyn Art Library & The Sketchbook Project, Blue Turtle ComiX, Just an Average Day Comic, Toxic Shock & Other Abnormalities of the Inner Being Zine as well as the culinary arts. His passion is the arts, his life is as a married humanitarian bisexual politically unaffiliated pacifist working as a Digital Preservation Archivist since 1999. Matt currently resides in an apartment with his equally creative wife of 7 years ,Jess and their cat Nigel.

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