The Life and Times of Lil’ Dana Myttis Hedrew (Elementary School Days Random Thoughts Part 1)…

Dear Diary: Dana Here.

Sometimes things beyond my control just happen. Last week I swear the teacher said we were making scare crows to bring in the next day. So I spent a good chunk of my night finding a stick and getting my parents to help me construct it with the bag and stuffing the head and making a scary head, and I was proud of my scare crow and brought it in the next day and no one else had one. Turns out it wasn’t homework, it was just a suggestion. I ran home crying and threw it in the back yard then went back to school. I don’t live that far away from school.

One day I forgot my pencil and ran home to get it. I started knocking on the back door but Mom didn’t hear me, it was getting late before the bell rang so I started hitting the window on the back door, eventually punching my hand right through it. By some miracle I didn’t cut myself, my Mom wasn’t happy about the window but she was far more happier that I didn’t cut myself.

Michael’s nose is always running. It’s kinda gross. One day he ate lunch alone because of it. He moved away after that happened, I miss him.

Momo always get picked on. His name is Mike too (Ya know there sure are a lot of Mike’s 🙂 ), every time Momo laughs, he bites his hand at the same time. That is kinda weird.

In my one class we got to make and play our own games. My friend Joe made bowling for animals. He had little animal figures and a bouncy ball and set up the figures like bowling pins. I made a board game. That was a fun class.

Every year the school has Marbles for Boys and Hop Scotch for girls tournaments. I hate Marbles, it’s so boring. I don’t understand why the boys can’t also play hop scotch? I play that all the time with my friends that are girls. It’s more fun, more active and far more of a challenge than marbles will ever be.

Over Halloween Mom helped me make my own costume. I was a walking decapitated head on a plate. It was bloody, and scary and cool. But also hard to parade the neighborhood in because It was made out of cardboard box with a hole for my head but my arms were at my side.

Just some observations Diary

Dana Myttis Hedrew

Over and Out

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