Changes are afoot…

When I started this blog in the Summer of 2018 it was a vast change from the previous experimental blog I was writing called Asparagus Speaketh. The previous blog was memoir entries like the current Dana series but included artwork drawn as if I was the age I was supposed to be at the time. Basically a failure. So I revamped and was dealing in some serious lows because of my emotional eating, my job, my Dad, then his illness and eventual death last Summer. So I expressed a lot of my emotions through poetry.

The poetry is taking a back seat at the moment. Exercise and healthier eating are in the forefront and honestly with my Dad gone, the stress I felt outside of my job is gone. I also actively put up blinders in regards to the fear mongering, anxiety triggering newsmedia and left behind the same kind of nonsense on Fakebook.

So expect to see more art than before but only from Thursday-Sunday. With four regular features continuing (Food for thought, Dana Myttis Hedrew, 52 Week Photography Project and Something Old Sunday.)


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