The Life & Times of Lil’ Dana Myttis Hedrew (Fun)…


Dear Diary: Dana Here,

Who doesn’t like to have fun ? In the winter when it’s snowing, my brother & I go out and make snow forts in the front and back yard and have snow ball battles with friends. Sometimes, we’ll go sledding down the 5th street hill and continue down the hill into Jordan Park.

If it’s too cold out and it isn’t snowing we’ll make time playing board games like Sorry, Mouse Trap, The Mad Magazine Game, Clue & the like. Or watch Saturday Morning Cartoons like Scooby Doo Mysteries and Monster Movies on Creature Double Feature, Dr. Shock Theatre & Chiller Theater.

A lot of times I like to use my imagination and I’ll play spaceship with friends on the front porch or act like detectives even going so far as making a club called the Eye Spy on the private eye club. There was another club based on the band Kiss that tried stealing something of ours but i chased those kids away by picking up my Dad’s digging pick.

Sometimes, I’ll even try being funny and find and put on an old pair of my Dad’s work glasses and tell people I am my cousin “Chuck”, this joke lasted awhile till someone asked to see me & Chuck together. BUSTED !

In the Summer we like to go swimming and play a lot of games outside with the neighborhood kids. Flashlight tag, Hide & Seek and Kickball. We also play this game called Stilly. Someone throws a ball up in the air and yells stilly as everyone else runs. The object is to throw the ball at someone (kinda like dodge ball but everyone has to remain still) me and the other little kids suck at this game when we play with the older kids. If you miss three times or get tagged out with the ball three times you have to crawl through the paddy wacks. The older kids are real jerks, they once hit me so hard I had red welts on my heiney. My brother got in trouble for that because he is one of the big kids and he didn’t say anything to the other big kids to not hit us so hard.

Usually, when I am playing outside I have to come in when the street lights come on. This goes for after school (& after Homework is done) and on weekends and in the Summer.

That’s some of the fun things I like to do.

Dana M Hedrew

Over & Out


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Matt Snyder has been making a dent in the creative community in North Eastern Pennsylvania since 1988. He’s been involved in showcasing his art in Exhibits in area Galleries & Spaces as well as online. Mr. Snyder is a real renaissance man. He doesn’t just dabble in the fine arts but has been known to grace the following kinds of things with his presence: Live Sound Mixing, Radio Production, Television Production, Short Films(Acting/Editing/Writing/Directing), Animations, Costume Character Performance, Dance, Music, Djembe Drumming, Theater (Writing/Acting/Directing/Props Management/Stage Management), Self Published Comics & Zines, Written & Slammed Performance Poetry, Sculpting Animal Figurines, Designing Tee Shirts, Photography Film & Digital, Painting (Acrylics), Drawing (Pen & Ink, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Sharpies, Crayons), Mixed Media, Collage, Paper Art, The Brooklyn Art Library & The Sketchbook Project, Blue Turtle ComiX, Just an Average Day Comic, Toxic Shock & Other Abnormalities of the Inner Being Zine as well as the culinary arts. His passion is the arts, his life is as a married humanitarian bisexual politically unaffiliated pacifist working as a Digital Preservation Archivist since 1999. Matt currently resides in an apartment with his equally creative wife of 7 years ,Jess and their cat Nigel.

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