The Life & Times of Teenage Dana Myttis Hedrew (Mischief Days)…

dana_the_teen Sup’ Diary

Dana here. I gotta tell ya aside from shenanigans during Halloween hanging out with Darrell and Cabbage Head can be a trip. Like whenever we go to the mall Cabbage Head likes to blow snot rockets on the elevator keys while I’ll spray the elevator with fart spray. We can be pretty gross sometimes. All three of us like to ask for extra pickles at McDonald’s and then drop them on people walking below us on the first level. Ya know the mall doesn’t have any kind of security in place. It can be a riot. The early 80’s are great like that. Although one time Darrell boasted about shoplifting something from Kay Bee Toys…I told him to put it back or we couldn’t be friends. At this point in my life I sort of had morals, I was far from an angel and theft would eventually play a role in my young life just not at this point in time. Darrell ended up returning what he stole.

On a side note, one time Darrell and I went to the Allentown Art Museum. Prior to going he bought his mom a jade elephant at a sidewalk sale, the guard at the front desk made him leave the bag while we looked at exhibits. We were closely followed. When we left Darrell asked for his bag back they refused to give it to him because he most likely stole the elephant because that’s what Puerto Rican’s do. This wad my first glance at second hand racism, I had to step in and say my friend bought the elephant for his Mom’s birthday, they took my word and returned it but told him to make sure to never bring a bag into the museum ever again.

Darrell and I went to the movies a lot, sometimes we saw kids animated films like An American Tail, or Return of the Jedi or Whatever PG 13 movie we could see. The only times we didn’t were when my Mom took three of us to see Friday the 13th put 4 the final chapter and when Darrell and I paid to see Woody Allen’s Zelig but snuck into Blame it Rio to get a glimpse at some nudity. (It definitely wasn’t the only time any of us snuck into a movie) We then proceeded to roll those gross Jordan Almonds down near everyone’s feet or chuck popcorn at peoples heads.

We also did crazy things. We never thought to walk to the mall the back way North 4th St Allentown to 3rd St in Whitehall, no we walked the heavily busy MacArthur Road and quickest way was to cut through a field that was on the other side of 7th St/McArthur Road off ramp from Route 22. I am surprised we never got hit, hell one time on the way home Cabbage Head ran across all 4 lanes of Route 22. It was a Sunday and traffic was really light but we thought he was nuts.

Yeah, I love my friends

Till Again


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