Why I do this blog (Updated)…

20190927_170040If this previous post defines my artistic journey

Than what am I truly trying to accomplish with this blog ?

Going forward, marketing myself as a middle aged artist.

When pen or brush goes to paper or canvas, a photo is snapped or a meal is created that’s the present going forward side of me. Sometimes work is a hit, sometimes a miss. Can’t please everyone but I do please myself. I haven’t exhibited offline that much in the last few years but I’ve amassed a body of work that maybe 2020 is the year I step back out. Here’s to another year of blogging and the chance to have even more than the 200+ followers I’ve attracted here at WordPress from all around the world.

I might not be famous, might not be a household name, might not be uber rich. But I was born to be an artist and I am and always will be one. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Why I do this blog (Updated)…

  1. I imagine being an artist is a thing you are, doesn’t matter if anyone or no-one sees you, you just can’t help who you are 🙂 My daughter’s the same, she’s amazing with music, but only her closest friends (and her family) know this. In the meantime, sooo jealous 😀 i can’t do anything as amazing – i would love to have just a tiny bit of artiness in my bones!

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