Strange Dreams Dept. #2…

I am at work pizza party on the second floor of a very large open space, like a warehouse (absolutely nothing like my job not a warehouse & only one floor) my manager Jimmy is opening gifts. He opens a very large box filled with baby booties. With a bunch of other people, we exit the room by backing downstairs leading to the first floor. I see other people coming out from another way. I walk over to a coworker named Ben and ask “I thought there was only one way out?” He replies “There was another exit behind the blackboard.”

Then my dream switched to me playing life-sized scrabble, ordering various hippies to move and sit on their tiles. The two words I played were augmented & lillies. (I blame my obsession with Wordle for that dream 😁)

What’s old is new again…

So I decided to invest in the polaroid now plus camera. Which is every bit nostalgic with a present-day twist. You can use this camera the old-fashioned way with point and shoot and instant photo or you can map it to the polaroid app via Bluetooth and utilize multiple functions including the ever so cool double exposure. My camera also came with interchangeable filter lenses.

I love the look. I took two photos. One is a portrait of my wife and me with what seems like a built-in soften feature that takes about 10 years off the both of us, the other I tried the double exposure feature and turned my wife into a ghostly apparition.

Strange Dreams Dept. #1…

{Yesterday before bed my wife and I first watched a season one episode of The Waltons in which a German Jewish family has fled Germany to start a new life on Waltons mountain. After that, we watched the slightly boring not scary at all, Woke revision of Candyman. }

When I awoke I remembered my dream. My wife and I were in a parking lot heading towards what appeared to be a Cello balancing on a folding chair. A former co-worker appears behind it and I surmise it must be Liz’s. Liz disappears as we approach and behind the Cello is a two-story open space with various people sitting at tables near red phones & signs that say Join The Communist Party.

Each table is littered with food and periodicals. I see both a lesbian couple and an older couple I became friends with from the last church we attended. My wife says she is not interested and steps away. I decide to go upstairs to engage in discussion with Moe, Colleen, Rick & Marcy. Rick asks why I am interested. I say “I am curious. I know nothing of the Communist Party but have had it shoved down my throat since the Reagan years.” All 4 friends look at me and say “Death to Capitalism.”

I saunter off and reconnect with my wife and we are standing in a carnival setting and sharing a bag of blue cotton candy.

The Terrible Poetry Contest: Bizarre Lover Triangle Er Square (a Sonnet)…

I love them it’s plain to see
Watson well is another story ya know
They love me at 221 B Baker Street
Watson has a mind I equally adore

But Em and her Cousin Cee* soothe me
Watson has the biggest heart
But Em & Cee make my head feel free
Then he was shot and I had to think clear

“For I knew his depth of Loyalty & Love”**
But Em and her cousin Cee consume me
Yet I still prayed for his recovery to the Lord above
“His hard eyes dimmed, his lips they shook”**

Watson, oh Watson my Love who I do adore…
But Em and her Cousin Cee I adore far more, so take your sorry ass full of yourself, think you are better than me, want all the credit for cases clearly solved by yours truly, out the door!

*Morphine & Cocaine **As paraphrased by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you like to take part go here

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