Chaos & DISorder…

Stop look and listen
she's on a mission
full steam ahead
like a time bomb ticking
he waits and waits
he's got his head on straight
hoping and praying that
it isn't too late
she's got two feet forward
one slams on the break
her mistakes and mistakes
he tries in vain
to keep up with the train
their baggage claim
drives them insane
or maybe in vain
attempts to keep the chaos stable
never giving up
cause they are willing and able
Chaos & DISorder by DJ Master D Squared

serenity & bliss…

Baby steps for us both on another beautiful less humid 80° day along the Walnutport Canal. We took a 2.65 mile walk hand in hand after visiting her folks for lunch. We saw quite a few turtles along the way. Taken with my Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Phone Camera.

You’ve got a friend*…

You just call out my name 
And you know, 
wherever I am
 I'll come runnin' 
To see you again 
Winter, spring, summer or fall 
All you have to do is call 
And I'll be there 
You've got a friend* 
Sketched with a Pigma Graphic 2 Archival Ink Pen and colored with Copic, Dual Tip Design, Tombow & Aqua Pen Graphix Watercolor Brush Markers.

*written by Carole King copyright 1971

Foot prints in the sky…

After 8 hours of the day program (and a month of spiraling) my wife and I took a 2.77 mile walk at one of our favorite parks to walk in. On this walk the clouds in the sky resembled a footprint. I was then reminded of that classic poem Footprints in the sand

…”My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.”…

and that song Spirit in the sky

…”Prepare yourself you know it’s a must
Gotta have a friend in Jesus”…

it was a lovely 50 minute walk. Since she’s been home there has been a smile of relief plastered on her face. She also had an interview lined for an activities assistant position. Something she had originally considered 4 years ago but they only offered part time. If she doesn’t get it she will find something else. What she won’t do unless the job search takes longer is return to her current job which has been the bulk of her stress which ignited this spiral.

Also, a fellow blogger offered advice to me about seeking therapy specifically as a spouse of a mentally ill person. Well wouldn’t you know it, but that is offered in her day program plan of action so I can make sure there isn’t a relapse.

I am down for that immensely. I know you meant well Kathy, but sometimes a person needs to take their own path. 😁



Shot with my Samsung Galaxy A71 phone camera at the entrance of the office building my therapist is in. Sometimes in session multiple birds for reasons unknown do suicidal flights into the windows. This guy didn’t seem to be badly damaged in anyway, he honestly looks like he went peacefully. 😕☠️🐦🙏