Word Wednesday: A Horrorible [sic] Film Best Left Forgotten…

I had high hopes for this film.

Arrebato (Rapture)

DIR: Ivan Zulueta

1979 Spain

The trailer was far more interesting than the film itself. My local art house cinema offered this film as part of their first Saturday horror series. It was playing on national cinema day where mostly* all movies everywhere cost $3 to see all day at any time. I was feeling slightly under the weather, so I refrained from seeing it out.

I saw that it was for rent on YouTube for $4.99 so I streamed it instead. For a moment it seemed like this film may have been a ghost story, but it never went anywhere. If anything it’s a film about heroin addiction with some odd scenes mixed in. I lasted 45 minutes into this 1hr 55 min film. Watching paint dry would’ve been a better way to pass the time. Omg, there was zero tension in this film, no scares, no true horror to speak of. It was incredibly boring. I did fast forward through the remainder of the film with the hopes of finding anything to hold my interest.


Turns out the director of this film made two films in his lifetime and a few tv shows. He was primarily responsible for designing the early posters for Pedro Almodovar Films. Dude was a better designer than filmmaker.

*The local drive-ins didn’t adhere to this.

As I said, this film was about heroin addiction, including a close up of a character shooting up, which was most likely the director as stand-in because Zulueta was indulging during the making of this film.

Swimming against the tide…

**NOTE: THIS POEM ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN JULY IS NOW PART OF A COLLABORATION AT https://skepticskaddish.com/2022/10/04/ebb-or-tide/

A Nonce Style poem, is a poem that doesn’t already exist. These are my rules for The Snyder Nonce.

six syllables in the title of the poem and ten syllables per line for the first four lines, the poem is 11 lines long and the 2nd and 10th line are the same. Lines 3-8 have a rhyme scheme of ababaa


She swam against the tide that was too strong
Found herself nearly drowned in the process
He told her to continue to hold on
She could barely grab a hold of his hand
Her sullen expression, was a bit withdrawn
He pushed himself through no man's land
Refusing to let Satan collect his pawn
Refusing to let her feelings be forgone
They both went under yet hand in hand
Found herself nearly drowned in the process
But the power of faith washed them ashore, to live another day once more

**My wife has been spiraling, our term for when her bi-polar disorder and my anxiety/depression are way out of control. At the moment, I thank God that I am currently feet firmly planted under a ray of sunshine, not a dark cloud in sight. She has been stressed immensely as of late coming from a lot of different angles. She had urges to cut herself, but has not acted upon them. I don't want to have to admit her for the third time in 12 years, so I am praying that she somehow finds an opportunity to step into the light.**

Twelve Years Strong for Mr & Mrs Bunny…

Shot with my Samsung A 71 phone camera as a Selfie from a hand held high angle and adjusted in Snapseed.

Today marks our 12th Anniversary of our 1st date.

My Bunny
I so love thy wife
As we cherish twelve years together
She has not been known to elicit much strife
I so love thy wife
The very best woman to come into my life
Discovered the odd G Spots that give me pleasure
I so love thy wife
As we cherish twelve years together

Thought of the day: Christian based audience for a non christian centric blog ?…

i often wonder how I got on this Christian Algorithim sending me heavy faith based blogs/followers.

I am pretty choosy as to who I follow back and I do follow some faith based blogs, but it seems as of late every new follower I get is deeply invested in Christ, and that’s not me.

So, at times, I wonder if I offend any of these people ?

I kind of wish i had more freaky people follow me 🤣

THOUGHT of the day…

I have a coworker who mentioned today when he was a baby till about 5 he had an Australian living in South Africa Au Pair take care of him and his older brother. He said they both developed British accents over time, but his brother got beat up for not speaking American and so my coworker adapted an American accent. My coworker is in his early 20’s.

Cute little story.

Being that I have never met anyone raised by an au pair, I asked my coworker if his parents were wealthy. He said no, his Mom is a school teacher and his dad works for the government.

He said they paid the au pair with only room and board. Technically the au pair was supposed to have a work Visa (but it was purposely denied by my coworkers father, every time she applied).

Au Pair by definition: Willing to stay with a family for a minimum of 1 year. Childcare experience of at least 500 hours in the past 2 years. Driver’s license and driving experience. Clear criminal record. Au pairs are to be provided a private bedroom, meals, a full weekend off each month, two weeks paid vacation, up to $500 toward attending an institution of higher education, and a cash stipend tied to the U.S. minimum wage, and most importantly they must have a J1 Visa

Being that this person was denied a wage and a work Visa read to me like human trafficking slave labor. Imagine being in a foreign country with a chance to eat, sleep & work period.

I didn’t say anything to my coworker about my thoughts, but it really rubbed me the wrong way.