Short Story Saturday Mid Day Edition: They left me here, to die/Yeshiva Girl, a Novel Chapter 10- Dates…

They left me here, to die

A man contemplates revenge on those who “murdered him”.

Written by Terveen Gil

Copyright 2021

Yeshiva Girl, a novel Chapter 10- Dates

Izzy has an awkward dinner date with her father

Written by Rachel Mankowitz

Copyright 2018–to-dieYeshiva-Girl–a-Novel-Chapter-10–Dates-e1gbf2a

Short Story Saturday: The Mama/Yeshiva Girl, a Novel: Chapter 9- Delilah…

The Mama

A semi-tragic tale about a mother cat and her kittens.

By Alexis Ryder

Copyright 2021

Yeshiva Girl, a Novel: Chapter 9- Delilah

Izzy goes on a “walking date” with David and her dog Delilah and then an actual date to the movies.

By Rachel Mankowitz

Copyright 2018–a-Novel-Chapter-9–Delilah-e1gb079

Omegle The Dredge of Society (NSFW)…

I’ve only just now become aware of this text/video chat that has been around since 2009.

I’ve seen people prank people on YouTube and hoped for some semblance of decency. Maybe 13 years ago normal people hung out here and legitimately wanted to strike up conversations and some do. I did watch a guy play a decent tune in guitar, had a serious discussion about loneliness and a philosophical conversation.

For the most part though, it’s horny people sexting or bots or in video chat it’s guys stroking it….or incredibly rude people making jokes about my weight or age. Honestly it felt like AOL 1995 all over again with the whole ASL bullshit.

so I decided to have unadulterated fun (I am the color blue) with a few pervs because I was kinda bored. Samples of the chats below. But really, that website is the bottom of the barrel of people. Not to mention they don’t regulate jack shit. There was underage kids, perverts, prostitutes and most likely pedophiles.

the world is definitely a scary place…

23 years later…

Two killed 13  
and then themselves 
23 years later 
it has been happening again and again
Columbine Highschool
Red Lake Highschool
West Nickle Mines Amish School
Virginia Tech
Northern Illinois University
Oikos University
Sandy Hook Elementary
University of California, Santa Barbara
Marysville-Pilchuck Highschool
Umpqua Community College
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Highschool
Oxford Highschool
Robb Elementary School
13 States
169 students and educators DEAD
How ? with guns !
guns don't kill people 
lawmakers you will NEVER
convince the relatives of the dead
that their,son,daughter,brother, sister,mother,father was primarily murdered strictly by the "actions" of a mentally unstable person
the bullet that entered their body WASN'T the means 
to their end
gun loving
who me enraged ?

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